Movement Tray Upgrade

Well, no painting update since the last time. Instead, I have been finishing the upgrade of my movement trays.

You can see a sample below. The bottom is what I was using for a “get me by” and the top is the new and improved (magnetized) version. I finished magnetizing all of the models I have planned for my army, so it should be on to more painting now.


3 responses to “Movement Tray Upgrade

  1. Hey! Yea, this is definitely the way to go for rank-and-file troops. I’m currently doing the magnetizing of my army for the O&G’s that I’m working… this is the worst part of the hobby so it’s hard for me to get motivated to finish ’em all. I just have a unit of 24 left and I’m heading to lowe’s right now to get some magnetic steel to put on the bottom…. I’ll make it through, hopefully. Nice to see your army is coming along.

    • Well, that shouldn’t be too bad for you if you only have 24 left. What is that, like a tenth of your army? 🙂

      I know that I underestimated the amount of time it would take me to get everything magnetized. It probably didn’t help that I ran into a couple of problems during the process (materials and magnet strength).

      But I told myself that once I started painting I had to get them magnetized because I had an issue before with my Bretonnians where the horse tipped off the tray, and pulled his rider down to the floor with him, where horse, rider, and shield were separated from each other.

  2. yep, i know what you mean. it’s a long, hard process (more time consuming than anything) but it is definitely necessary. It’s much easier for me to set the whole unit in my carrying case and take them out when I’m ready to play, instead of each model one by one. I’ll comment on the list in a bit… running to a meeting!

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