High Magic Spell Markers

Well, I’m taking a break from the narrative here. One of the things that I have decided to do is to create spell markers to help me remember spells that are in play. Eventually, my goal is to have a different mage model for each spell lore and a set of spell markers to go with each of them.

Here is the current set that I am working on:

The way that I see it, I need 5 different markers for High Magic. From left to right:

Drain Magic – I will probably add an elven rune to each side of the top portion, along with a gem at the seam of where the top and bottom meet

Shield of Saphery – There is a post sticking up from the green stuff that will have a shield glued to it, with the elven rune for Life on it

Curse of Arrow Attraction – The round base will be painted like a target with an arrow in the bullseye

Flames of the Phoenix – This is just the top down view. You can kind of see the rune of Asuryan in the middle. I squared off an area to be able to fit a die in the center to keep track of the strength of the flames, just in case my opponent doesn’t dispel it. The side have flames sculpted on them, my first shot at any real sculpting.

Those paying attention will notice that I am missing a marker… I am having trouble coming up with something for the Courage of Aenarion (units within 12″ are Stubborn). About the only thing that I have come up with is to just use the elven rune for ‘defiance or unyielding’. Suggestions are welcome, but please don’t suggest anything too elaborate. I need things basic for now. After all, I still have 8 more lores to go after this.


7 responses to “High Magic Spell Markers

  1. There is a bit from the empire BSB/general plastic kit. It is a baby griffon. Cut the wings off, and it looks a little bit like a lion… right? Maybe that would help with “courage”. Just a thought.

  2. Hey, I found your page through Khorne53’s page, he is a friend of mine. I was looking over your post about the Magic Spell Markers and I’d like to say that’s an excellent idea. I like when people take the time to show things like wound markers, spells, etc, it really makes the whole thing tie together and it looks cool too. I’m looking to following your progress and, if you get the time, check out my blog and follow mine as well. I play Lizardmen and was a regular at Agents for years before I moved to Seattle. Anyways, keep up the good work and good luck on the battlefield! http://junglesoflustria.wordpress.com

  3. Hey, the markers are a great idea because it is so easy to forget about spell effects and remains in play spells during the heat of the battle. This will prevent any questions about what is on and what ins’t. I’ll put some thought into the Stubborn spell marker. I just started my own blog also at http://1redneckgamer.wordpress.com/ come check it out. I already linked to you, I’d appreciate if you could do the same. Thanks

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