The Tower of Hoeth

Between the Old World and the New World, situated in the Great Western Sea, lies an island continent unlike any other. Magic is drawn to the island like a moth to a flame. Near the center of the continent, nestled between the Sea of Dusk and the Sea of Dreams lies a testament to the elves’ affinity with magic: The Vortex. Created to stem the first invasion of Chaos, it still stands, draining away the raging magic and preventing the full strength of Chaos from entering the world.

Near the nexus of this magical power, on the eastern shore of the  Sea of Dreams, rising above the surrounding trees, reaching into the heavens above, stands the white Tower of Hoeth. Created of more than just physical elements, the tower will never be found by those with selfish intent, but for those seeking enlightenment and wisdom, there is great reward. Since its foundations were laid by Bel-Korhadris millennia ago, knowledge has been collected and preserved in its hallowed halls.

Scholars walk the halls, studying the extensive tests, revealing the secrets of warfare, herbalism, sailing, and even the fickle Winds of Magic. The most well-known groups that inhabitant the tower are the Swordmasters of Hoeth, whose martial prowess is the stuff of legends, and the elven mages, whose skill in magic is awe-inspiring.

The mages study for centuries, learning how to read, manipulate and harness the Winds of Magic. Many of these mages spend a lifetime at the tower, solely spent on study and experimentation. However, other mages leave the tower to use their abilities to aid the armies of the Phoenix King or are sent on missions of vital importance by the High Loremaster. This is the story of one such mage…


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