Arcadia Quest



Things have been pretty quiet for me lately, but I am expecting Arcadia Quest to arrive soon. This is my first Kickstarter that I ever backed, but the game looks really good. It has been hard to wait 6 months for it, but the wait is almost over, and I am pretty excited to finally have it in hand.  Once I get it, it is highly likely that I will be talking about it more; review, gaming sessions, painting(?), etc.

2500 Point Tournament – Back to School Bash Results – August 16th

Another tournament weekend has come and gone, and I once again have the chance to show “what not to do” in Warhammer :). Seriously, though, it was another fun weekend with a tournament of 18 players. The list that I used can be found here.

I took some pictures again this time, of varying quality. I deleted the really bad ones, but left some that weren’t quite as bad.

Game 1: High Elves vs. Daemons of Nurgle (Epidemius)


5 numbered chips were spaced out on the center line. You could capture them by placing a unit on top of them. You would drop them if your unit fled. The opponent could capture them from you if they defeated you in combat. After turn 2, you roll a die and if the number of an uncaptured one came up, you remove it form play.

Bonus Points:

+1 for each numbered chip that you controlled.


I forgot to take a picture of the deployment, but I will try and describe it.

A unit of reavers was placed on each extreme flank. A bolt thrower was placed on a hill on the right flank. The eagle was just to the left of it. The Swordmasters and Phoenix Guard were placed to their left, between two hills. The Sisters and other Bolt Thrower were placed on top of the center hill. The Silver Helms (with BSB), Flamespyre, and the other unit of reavers were placed to the left of the hill.

My opponent placed his skullcannon and unit of 3 plague drones on his right flank, with two units of 4 Beast of Nurgle next to it. The Great Unclean One and Epidemius stood behind them, in a forest. he had two fairly large blocks of Nurgle infantry with heralds in them holding up his other flank.


I started off really well by forgetting about my vanguard (this will become a theme) before we rolled for first turn. I didn’t bother with asking to get to move, as I didn’t know if I really would have.

My reavers on the right flank moved up and claimed one of the chips. Everybody else shuffled forward a bit, trying to get a bit closer, but not too close. Teclis tossed a medium sized Fireball followed by a Banishment into one of the units of Nurglings, killing aboout 7 or so. The Sisters and one of the Bolt Throwers managed to pick off a couple more, but the other Bolt Thrower didn’t manage to do anything on the Skullcannon.

In his turn, his Plague Drones charged my reavers on my far left flank. The magic phase came around, and the balance of the game took a huge shift.

An 11 is rolled on the Winds of Magic. The Realm of Chaos (or whatever) causes Teclis to take a Leadership test. Teclis rolls an 11, so he is removed from the game and a Herald of Khorne shows up behind me.

An 11 is rolled on the Winds of Magic. The Realm of Chaos (or whatever) causes Teclis to take a Leadership test. Teclis rolls an 11, so he is removed from the game and a Herald of Khorne shows up behind me.

Luckily, his Great Unclean One casts his spell with double 6s and promptly loses 3 wizard levels. I don’t remember the spell doing all that much. This pretty much ended any spells going off for the rest of the game, since Teclis was no more and he didn’t want to risk his Lord being sucked down a hole. So, I just threw 6 dispel dice and his spell each turn. Of course, it didn’t stop the magic phase from affecting the game, since the Winds of Magic roll still influenced events.

A picture of my left flank. after the Plague Drones charged the reavers. The drones made short work of them, wiping them out and pursing off of the table. The drones also managed to grab a chip during the charge.

A picture of my left flank.after the Plague Drones charged the reavers. The drones made short work of them, wiping them out and pursuing off of the table. The drones also managed to grab a chip during the charge.

I flew my Flamespyre up to his flank, so that I could perform a flyover. The very astute reader will notice that the phoenix is missing. This is because I haven't mounted it on the base yet, and didn't want to risk it falling over.

I flew my Flamespyre up to his flank, so that I could perform a flyover. The very astute reader will notice that the phoenix is missing. This is because I haven’t mounted it on the base yet, and didn’t want to risk it falling over.

The reavers and eagle moved up the right flank. I wasn't really sure what to do with them, since charging them in to any fight would probably provide him more combat res that they would gain me.

The reavers and eagle moved up the right flank. I wasn’t really sure what to do with them, since charging them in to any fight would probably provide him more combat res that they would gain me.

The Phoenix Guard and Swormasters moved forward to try and get into charge position.

The Phoenix Guard and Swordmasters moved forward to try and get into charge position.

The Silver Helms try to get into position.

The Silver Helms try to get into position.

I didn’t get a picture of it, but both bolt throwers take aim at the Herald of Khorne (formerly known as Teclis) and bring him down. I had also reformed the Sisters, in case he didn’t die and decided to charge them.

He retreats his line into a cresscent

He retreats his line into a crescent

He retreats his line into a crescent. Those bloodletters are not on the board... yet.

The other side of the crescent. Those bloodletters are not on the board… yet.

A double 6 on the Winds of Magic says that I get a unit of 10 Bloodletters behind my lines.

A double 6 on the Winds of Magic says that I get a unit of 10 Bloodletters behind my lines.

I missed the pictures for my turn, so, just some descriptive text… My Flamespyre flew over Epidemius, causing 2 or 3 wounds, and landing behind his lines. The Silver Helms turned to face the Plague Drones that came onto the table after their pursuit off of it. The Phoenix Guard and Swordmasters both failed their charges. I think that they needed a 7 and an 8 respectively. Looking through my pictures, this must have also been the turn that my Bolt Thrower brought down Epidemius. Single shot into the trees, BAM!

With my failure to charge, the Bloodletters and a unit of Plaguebearers decide to have a Phoenix Guard sandwich.

With my failure to charge, the Bloodletters and a unit of Plaguebearers decide to have a Phoenix Guard sandwich.

A picture showing his Plaguebearers charging. You can also see my fast units in his backfield (for whatever it is worth)

A picture showing his Plaguebearers charging. You can also see my fast units in his backfield (for whatever it is worth)

His Plague Drones charge my Silver Helms. I had assumed that he was just going to move out of my charge arc.

His Plague Drones charge my Silver Helms. I had assumed that he was just going to move out of my charge arc.

He turned some units to face all of my units in his rear.

He turned some units to face all of my units in his rear, but he didn’t have to worry too much because his Skullcannon wiped out my Flamespyre, and it decided to turn to ash. You can notice his other unit of Beasts of Nurgle moving toward the Swordmasters.

As was expected, my Phoenix Guard lost their combat. Despite not losing all that many, they decided to run and were caught by the Bloodletters. My Swordmasters decided they were to scared to stick around and get vengeance, so they ran away.

As was expected, my Phoenix Guard lost their combat. Despite not losing all that many, they decided to run and were caught by the Bloodletters. My Swordmasters decided they were to scared to stick around and get vengeance, so they ran away.

The battle with the Plague Drones ended up with me losing by 1 or 2, but I held.

My Swordmasters managed to rally, and my Eagle flew out of danger, closer to one of the chips.

My Swordmasters managed to rally, while my Eagle flew out of immediate danger and closer to one of the chips (out of picture to the left)

In his turn, he charged the Swordmasters. They managed to kill one of the heralds, and quite a few Plaguebearers. His Beasts of Nurgle had 13 attacks between the two of them. Thanks to the Banner of the World Dragon, not too many wounds got through. I think that this also might have been the turn where he rolled a 10 (?) for the Winds of magic. He had to roll for every unit except the Khorne ones, and if he rolled a 6 (?) they took damage. Three of my units were hit, and none of his.


However, the combat res was too much for the Swormdasters and they fled, only to be caught.

In better news, my BSB managed to bring down a Plague Drone, but they were still locked in combat.

My eagle flew over and captured the chip. My opponent was a nice guy and didn’t charge my eagle, causing me to drop it when I fled.


Despite the lousy picture, I had to put it in because my Silver Helms managed to wipe out the Plague Drones which gained me one more chip.


Major Loss. I did manage to end up with 3 of the 5 chips for bonus points, though. My opponent would go on to win Best General (most VPs)


As might be expected, losing Teclis on Turn 1 was not part of the plan. I really needed his magic to help me compete in this game. I could complain about the Realm of Chaos table, but it’s part of the game. Losing him to a Leadership test is not something that would be expected, but I clearly failed in my deployment by not having the BSB close enough to give him a re-roll. As for the models showing up behind my lines… that is just stupid. Oh well.

I felt a bit outmatched in this game, since I have heard how terrible the Beasts are and with Epidemius increasing everybody’s stats, that was going to be tough. This isn’t really the best welcome back after not playing for 6 months. Provide me with advice on how to tackle this list in the comments.

With all of that said, the game was still fun, and my opponent was great.

Game 2: High Elves vs. Orcs & Goblins

Game 2 was against the blogger known as iggykoopa (formerly found at Jungles of Lustria), but now found here. Neither of us had won a game using our armies, so barring a draw, one of us would break our losing streak.


A Shocker was in the middle of the board, and both players are trying to kill him to unlock the bonus points. On a player’s turn, he could move him like a random 2d6 mover. If you roll a 4+ with him, he would do d6 magical attacks to a unit in his front arc. You can move through him, but you take damage. Spells directed at him could not be dispelled.

Bonus Points:

The Shocker has to be dead to get any bonus points. The player who did the most wounds to it gets 1 point. Also a bonus point for having the most banners at the end of the phase. There were some more, but I don’t remember.

My Deployment:

The deployment rules for Blood and Glory were used (not the victory conditions). As you can see, I learned from the previous game, and deployed the BSB close to my battle line (particularly, my invaluable wizard).

My right flank

My right flank

My left flank

My left flank

Opponent’s Deployment:

Opponent's left flank

Opponent’s left flank. The big guys are Mangler Squigs and that is a Pump Wagon in front of the Doom Diver.

Opponent's right flank

Opponent’s right flank

Those who are better at this game than me, can probably already see some issues after the deployment. I will try to point out any errors that I think that I made after recounting the game.


This game is a bit lean on pictures, so it might not be as detailed as the previous one.


He got first turn, moving everything forward. His Wyvern character flew to the bolt thrower on my far left flank. The Manglers and Pump wagon advanced up the middle, while he moved the Shocker toward my Sisters, but it failed to hit them.


A view of the oncoming horde

The table from the perspective of an 8-year-old boy. It’s actually a non-fuzzy picture!


Seeing little that I could do to save the Bolt Thower, and sensing imminent danger from the Manglers, my reavers ran into it, removing them both from the table. The Silver Helms charged the Pump Wagon.


The Silver Helms make short work of the pump wagon and  overrun to get out of the way of the advancing Savage Orcs


Teclis managed to blow away the blue Mangler with a fireball and put 3 wounds on the Shocker with a Bansihment to ensure that I did the most wounds to him (he had 5 total).

I completely forget about Fanatics being in Night Goblin units, and move forward with my Reavers first. Luckily, he doesn’t roll high enough to reach the Reavers. The Eagle lands on the hill and faces his army. I shoot off one the closest Fanatic, but leave the other one.

The Orc and Wyvern make short work of the bolt thrower, but not before the elves put a wound on the rider.

The Orc and Wyvern make short work of the bolt thrower, but not before the elves put a wound on the rider. Maybe they shot a wound off? I don’t remember, but it sure sounds more fantastic to put the wound on him in combat. Either way, he overruns to set himself up for a charge next turn.


The Silver Helms wipe out the Doom Diver and turn around to face the back of the Savage Orcs. The Eagle moves into position to charge the Rock Lobba’. In the far top right, you can see the Flamespyre (or its base, at least). It flew over the Goblins a took off a large chunk (D6 + D3 * ranks after the 1st).


His Wyvern and Savage Orcs charge the Mindrazored Swordmasters.


The Mindrazored Swordmasters take out the Shamang and put a big dent in the Savage Orcs, but there are just too many bodies and attacks. No wounds were successful on the Orc Boss on the Wyvern.


The Silver Helms move up to be in a position to charge after the Phoenix Guard stand their ground. The Black Orcs can no longer be ignored, so the Reavers get in the way to hold them up for a turn.


On the right flank, the Flamespyre does another fly over to further reduce the number of Night Goblins, while the Eagle flies back to help out.

That seems to be the last picture for the game, but there was still a turn or two. His Wyvern and Savage Orcs charge my Phoenix Guard. The Phoenix Guard decide to fail their Fear test, so can’t do hardly any damage. They end up losing and being run down. His Black Orcs wipe out the Reavers and reform while his Night Goblins move up.

My Silver Helms charge into his Boss on Wyvern, while the Eagle, Reavers, and Phoenix charge the rear of the Night Goblins. I decline the challenge in the Wyvern fight, and my Silver Helms put 1 or 2 wounds on the rider (basically 1 short). He holds, setting the unit up for the Black Orcs to smash into their rear. The reavers and birds defeat the Night Goblins, but can’t catch them.

In his turn, the Black Orcs wipe out my Silver Helms. I think they might have pursued me off of the table. I think that his Savage Orcs were moving toward the Bolt Thrower. Somewhere in here, he managed to kill off the Shocker so that we get our bonus points for the game.

My reavers and birds charge the Night Goblins again, winning and catching them this time or maybe wiping them out?

I don’t remember much else, but I think that I sent the Flamespyre and Reavers into the Savage Orcs on the last turn to kill them.


Major loss. Bonus point for putting the most wounds on the Shocker.


Teclis died again! This time it was even more preventable. The turn before the Swordmasters were charged, I should have had him move into the block of Phoenix Guard. Also, I could have moved the 3 remaining Sisters in front of the Savage Orcs to keep them from charging that turn.

I probably should have prioritized my spells better. A Dwellers Below on the Savage Orcs could have made a huge difference before getting into combat with them. Also, having my Silver Helms and BSB go into the Doom Diver might not have been the best idea, since it took them out of the game for so long for such a cheap unit.

Most of his points were in the Black Orcs (BSB, General) and the Wyvern, so I really need to bring them down, but failed miserably.

Once again, provide me with any suggestions that you might have.

Game 3: High Elves vs. The Empire


Each player has a “Chalice” that you give to a unit.  There were not any bonuses, but you needed to protect it. Also, each Magic Phase, each player rolled a d6. Whatever you rolled was how many channel attempts you had, but you ignored that value for the rest of the phase also.

Bonus Points:

You got bonus points for killing the opponent’s unit with the chalice and for killing their highest level unit that channels, I think :)

My Deployment:

My right flank

My right flank. Note Teclis is in the Phoenix Guard this time instead of the (thematically correct) Swordmasters.

My left flank

My left flank with the ranged attacks in the center of the table

Opponent’s Deployment:


Demigryphs on the left (using lions from the High Elf Lion Chariot), Bowmen with level 4 Shadow mage in the back. Fantaics in front of them and Free Company (?) in front of the Fanatics. I think those were halberdiers next to them with the BSB. Two great cannons and Hellblaster with an Engineer hanging out. A unit of 9 knights (the gray ones) with a character. In front of them is a unit of elite knights, with Outriders (black) in front of them.


In his vanguard, his Outriders move toward my right flank, while my Reavers move up.

He gets first turn. His Outriders move up and shoot my Reavers who have had enough and run off the table. One cannon misfires and misfires again on the re-roll, so it can’t shoot. The other one puts 1 wound on my bolt thrower.


The Flamespyre advances up the flank, while the Reavers get in the way for some delay tactics. The Bolt Throwers decide they don’t feel like hitting a cannon today.


His knights move out of the charge arcs of anybody except the Phoenix Guard. Off in the distance, you can see that he charged my Reavers with his Flagellants. His Outriders fail to rally and flee to within 1″ of the table edge. Also worth noting is that my Swordmasters are within range of the Hellblaster, so it wrecks the unit. A pretty dumb mistake on my part.


His flagellants martyr 6 of their own, but manage to kill 4 of my reavers. The remaining reaver turns tail and gets away, with the remaining fanatics following in hot pursuit.


You can see the depleted Swordmaster unit here (after 1 round of Hellblaster shooting). Seeing that there is no retreat, I send them forward, putting the Eagle in the way of the knights for this turn. The Bolt Throwers fail the mission of killing the Hellblaster, while my Knights position themselves for a charge. The Phoenix Guard (with the help of Mindrazor) obliterate the knights.


The Flamespyre flies over the remaining Flagellants and wipes them out.


The reaver continues to flee and eventually runs off of the table


Teclis and the Phoenix Guard position themselves on the hill to unleash the super Searing Doom on the knight unit.


After the dust settles, 10 knights have died from the Searing Doom, and a Bolt Thrower manages to kill a Demigryph.

At this point, we were really short on time, so had to rush a final turn. In his turn, one cannon blows itself up (even after the Engineer’s re-roll), while the other kills the Flamespyre.

In my turn, the Silver Helms charge his knights and Teclis casts Mindrazor on them. I (stupidly) accept his challenge. The knight unit is destroyed, but his character is Stubborn and holds.


Draw (Moral victory because I was up by ~170). No bonus points for either of us.


It was nice to end the day on a non-loss. Other than bringing the Swordmasters into range of the Hellblasters and the challenge issue in the last turn, I thought that I played alright. I was a bit lucky with how poor his cannons were. Also, the scenario tweaks to the magic phase didn’t affect me too much. I had to throw an extra die or two in some magic phases, but I never failed to cast because of the ignored dice.

Overall Tournament Thoughts:

I had another fun tournament. It seems that is is quite normal for me to start our poorly and play better by the end. I guess that it takes me that long to get the rust cleared off. Maybe I need to play some practice games before the tournament to get back in the groove? I found the scenarios to be fun. My only complaint is that lots of special rules for scenarios tend to be a lot to take in. There tends to be a lot of referencing the sheet to properly play it. This might come down to the fact that I don’t play Warhammer regularly, so I am trying to take in a lot at once.

From a list design perspective, I think that I need some changes. Since special characters were allowed, I took Teclis in this tournament. While Teclis is quite good, I don’t think that I play him properly. He’s probably supposed to fling Purple Suns around with no regard, so that he can wipe out units and get magic dice back for a “free” magic phase. I guess that he is not really my style.

Also, I seem to have the recurring problem of my BSB not being where he needs to be. Since he is in the Silver Helms, he tends to end up away from my general and battle line. I will look at putting him on foot instead, but that will cause me to rethink my unit of Silver Helms. Without his Strength 6 attacks, they are in big trouble if they are charged or in the 2nd round of combat. Maybe they need to be smaller units or replaced altogether?

I am a little conflicted about the Sisters of Avelorn. Their main purpose was to remove Regen, which they did in the first game. I found that with 6 of them, they usually seemed to hit and wound at least once which is great. However, the short range really hurt in the first game, since they often had nothing to shoot at. Overall, I think that they did fine, and they only cost me 84 points.

The Flamespyre was probably my MVP in this tournament, even though when he lost his wounds, he always died. He was able to get into good positions, and decently threaten things. Also, the Wake of Fire had an impressive showing on the Night Goblins and Epidemius. If he wouldn’t have died to the cannon against the Empire, he was poised to smash into the unit of archers that contained the chalice and his level 4 mage.


I tried to take pictures of all of the armies present again. Like other pictures of mine, these are of varying quality. I also seem to have missed some armies, since there were 18 at the tournament.

Let me know if you have any corrections, tactical suggestions or any other general feedback below. Thanks for reading!

2500 Points – High Elves – August Tournament List (Revised)

With the tournament this Saturday, I thought that I would post my revised army list. I had posted a list previously, but after some feedback and some more thinking, I made some changes to it.



I made one change to Teclis’ magic selection. The final list is here:

  • Beasts – Wyssan’s Wildform
  • DeathPurple Sun Soulblight
  • Fire – Fireball
  • Heavens – Iceshard Blizzard
  • Life – Dwellers Below
  • Light – Banishment
  • Metal – Searing Doom
  • Shadow – Okkham’s Mindrazor

As pointed out on the previous post, I had many spells that were a high casting cost. Originally, my plan was to cast Purple Sun, and get dice back with the wounds that it caused. Of course, this led down the road of 6-dicing Purple Sun every magic phase, which doesn’t really sound like a lot of fun to me (and probably wouldn’t be fun for my opponents).

With that in mind, I opted for Soulblight. Soulblight seems to be a good spell for any situation (-1S and -1T) and it is fairly easy to cast. Since I have some ranged punch, it can enhance the damage from my shooting or magic and it is still useful once combat starts.


I removed the Mage since he was an expensive (and not guaranteed) “insurance policy”. With Teclis having 8 spells, the mage would rarely get to cast his, except in dire circumstances. I will just have to try and play better to protect Teclis.

Noble, BSB, Barded Elven Steed, Dragon Armour, Ogre Blade, Enchanted Shield, Ironcurse Icon

Mage (Shadow), Level 2


Same as previously

14 Silver Helms, Shields, Full Command

5 Ellyrian Reavers, Bows, Spears

5 Ellyrian Reavers, Bows, Spears

5 Ellyrian Reavers, Bows, Spears


Minor tweak to the Phoenix Guard, but still pretty much the same

21 Swordmasters, Full Command, Banner of the World Dragon

21 Phoenix Guard, Full Command, Razor Standard


Two new additions at the end:

Bolt Thrower

Bolt Thrower

Flamespyre Phoenix

*6 Sisters of Avelorn

I have had these models almost since they came out, but have never used them. I thought about Shadow Warriors for a bit, but settled on the ladies. The S4 bows with Magical, Flaming attacks are what decided it in the end. Hopefully, they can push a wound through on any creatures with Regen to set up my Bolt Throwers for a devastating volley. If things get dire, they can be used to hold things up, since they are only about 80 points.

*Great Eagle

I thought it would be great to get an eagle back in my list. Reavers are great, but they can get expensive if you are just throwing them away. Eagles are much better in that role. The poor eagles…

Bolt Thrower #1 Completed

In the slow trudge to having a fully painted army, I knocked out another unit last night. I picked up this old school bolt thrower a while back on ebay. It was definitely more difficult to put together than the new plastic one, but I like the variety that it adds to the bolt throwers. Maybe some day I will get around to basing this

In the process of painting these, I found that many of my paints have reached the end of their life. That means I will have to spend money on paints soon. I don’t find that nearly as fun as buying new models. Oh well, it is nice to have painted models.

Loremaster of Hoeth (alternative model)

As I mentioned previously, I have had my Loremaster model painted for a long time now, but was having trouble taking pictures of it. Rather than use the GW model, I used an alternative model. I used similar colors that I used for the Swordmasters, but gave him some more gold. I think that he fits in with the unit quite well, while still standing out as somebody special.

As I noted before, the sword is quite flimsy and has been hard to keep it straight, but I am still pleased with the model.

“Man Cave”

Over the summer, we have been drastically rearranging our home. This has allowed me to finally claim a space as “my own”. While this is not the impressive rooms that many have, it is the best that I can do in a small house with a wife and 3 kids. Before, it was always frustrating, since I had to get all of my stuff out and be sure to put it all away before the little ones woke up and destroyed everything. It always seemed like this effectively wasted at least 20 minutes of time, and often discouraged me from starting at all.

Now (with the help of a bike lock to secure the doors), I can leave my stuff out mid-project. I am hoping that this translates into more painting and hobby time.


From left to right: Top: Painting materials Middle: Basing materials Bottom: Rule books and reading books, Bits box Not pictured: Lamp

Flamespyre Phoenix

In what might be considered a somewhat miraculous evening at my house, I actually sat down to paint last night. Not only did I start painting a model, but I managed to finish it in a single evening!


For the longest time, I have been saving images that I see of phoenixes that I like. There are some absolutely gorgeous ones available on ebay and one in particular had caught my eye. It appeared to me that the person had used an airbrush to paint it, but I set about trying to match it as best I could. After the first 30 minutes or so, it was fairly apparent that I either lacked the skill/technique/tools to accomplish it, so I just decided to do what I could with what I had.

After about 3 hours of painting, I was quite pleased with the results:

2500 Points – High Elves – August Tournament List (Teclis)

As I mentioned previously, another tournament is coming to town and I should be able to make it. This tournament allows special characters and I have decided to go with Teclis. He provides so many options with his magic choices that it has been hard to decide on what to take. I have spent some time trying to think up a list for the upcoming tournament and I think that I have finally settled on a list.

Rather than completely redesigning my list, I have decided to substitute him and a level 2 Mage for the Archmage and Loremaster that I previously used. In some ways, it actually seems to weaken my list, but in others it helps. Surely Teclis should be able to handle the challenge, right?



The first thing to talk about with Teclis is what spells I decided to select. I strongly considered his Loremaster of High Magic option, but have now settled on the option of one spell for each lore. Also, I had thought about bringing a Teclis focused on slinging around destructive magic, full combat support, or even focusing on movement restriction magic. In the end, I opted for a balanced selection of spells:

  • Beasts – Wyssan’s Wildform (combat support)
  • Death – Purple Sun (Horde control, more dice?)
  • Fire – Fireball (Regen, low Toughness)
  • Heavens – Iceshard Blizzard (combat support)
  • Life – Dwellers Below (Horde control)
  • Light – Banishment (Regen, demons, undead)
  • Metal – Searing Doom (Armour)
  • Shadow – Okkham’s Mindrazor (combat support)

As should be expected from the High Loremaster, he will be expected to bear the bulk of the magical responsibilities. I tried to pick a wide range of spell types (damage, buffs, debuffs) and casting values so that he always has something relevant to cast.

The biggest challenge with Teclis will be trying to protect him. He is very vulnerable, and will die extremely quickly if somebody starts targeting him.


Noble, BSB, Barded Elven Steed, Dragon Armour, Ogre Blade, Enchanted Shield

The BSB will continue to be in the Silver Helms unit to give them a little punch (and give him a decent armour save). I opted to swap the Star Lance for the Ogre Blade so that he can still do damage after he charges. He has a 1+ Armour Save with a 6+ Ward (2+ vs flaming).

Mage (Shadow), Level 2

Some might wonder why I even bothered to include this guy, since Teclis will be taking most (all?) of the magic dice. Well, I’m not going to tell, because it is part of my secret plan. Actually, I brought him for 2 reasons:

  1. It gives me another mage if Teclis fails to cast in a round (and Shadow has some decent spells)
  2. Teclis can swap positions with this guy (Shadow lore attribute) as long as he gets a spell off  (or if Teclis gets off Mindrazor). This can allow Teclis to get out of a combat or potentially put him into an advantageous position to cast a spell.

Hopefully, out of the 2 spells he rolls, one of them can be decent and I can swap the other one for Miasma. I thought about giving him a scroll to get a 2nd one in the list, but I opted to go cheap instead.


14 Silver Helms, Shields, Full Command

The Silver Helms provide a quick unit that can hit pretty decent. I thought about dropping these guys for a unit of spearmen for more bodies in the unit, but decided to stick with them for the armour, and the fact that I actually have some of them painted :)

5 Ellyrian Reavers, Bows, Spears

5 Ellyrian Reavers, Bows, Spears

5 Ellyrian Reavers, Bows, Spears

The Reavers are great and are do all of the things that Fast Cavalry are loved/hated for. I never leave home without them.


21 Swordmasters, Full Command, Banner of the World Dragon

The Swordmasters are the main infantry combat power of the list. They will be run 7×3, so that all of them can attack, providing me with 28 attacks at Strength 5. The Banner of the World Dragon protects them from magic and miscasts, since one of the mages will most likely be hanging out with them. They will be more vulnerable since I don’t have an Archmage with High Magic giving them a ward save, but that rarely seemed to make a difference before.

22 Phoenix Guard, Musician, Standard, Razor Standard

The Phoenix Guard provide me with a 3rd combat block. Teclis will most likely hang out with these guys initially since they are more survivable than the Swordmasters (so much for being thematic). With their re-rolls to hit, and S4 AP, they aren’t too threatening unless they are boosted with Mindrazor or Wildform.


Bolt Thrower

Bolt Thrower

The bolt throwers will be used to target the high Toughness/armour save targets. If none of those are available, they will help to thin down the number of bodies approaching the line. I tend to not kill much with these, but they have great potential.

Flamespyre Phoenix

I thought about dropping the Flamespyre after its lackluster outing last time and rules debates, but in the end, I decided to keep it.

Since this guy isn’t all that great in combat, he will be used to thin down hordes with his Wake of Fire, take down war machines or provide a flank/rear charge in a pinch. We’ll see how it does. As one might guess, I like phoenixes, but I’m not 100% sold on this guy’s rules and points cost so far.


Since the core of this list is very similar to what I took before, I should have some familiarity in using it. Also, it provides me with more painted models that if I had to start from scratch.

Switching up the magic options will be a major change, but I hope that Teclis can shine through and prove his worth. Of course, if actually win a game, will it be because I played better or because I used one of those “broken” special characters? I don’t feel that Teclis is all that bad in this edition, but maybe his reputation from last edition will precede him…

High Loremaster or Everqueen?

Well, it has been a long time coming, but I think it is time for some blog posts again. Now that my son’s baseball is over and the World Cup and my softball league are coming to a close, I will have a little more free time than I have had recently. Also, with a Warhammer tournament coming up in August (that I should be able to attend), there is some motivation again.

The tournament is going to allow special characters, and since I have never used one before, I wanted to take advantage of this. I like to have lots of magic in my armies, so I naturally gravitated toward Teclis and Alarielle. Now I have to choose between the two.


Alarielle, The Everqueen

Alarielle has some cool special rules, but leads to more of a “death star” type build, since most of her abilities add to the unit that she is in (magical attacks, 5+ ward against non-magical attacks, immune to Fear and Terror). Couple those with the Banner of the World Dragon, and you have a proper “death star”. I don’t generally like to play that style of list, so it would be a bit of a change for me.


Teclis, High Loremaster

Teclis, on the other hand, allows you to pick a spell from each of the 8 lores, so is much more flexible. I am strongly leaning towards him, since he allows for a lot of options in a build. The big choice comes down to the spell selection. Do I go for Loremaster on High magic with his +6 to cast and low casting costs, which can help him get a ward save that he is so desperately lacking, do I choose all of the magical attack spells from the 8 lores, do I choose support spells instead, or do I balance damage and support spells?

Hopefully, I can settle on all of this before too long, so that I can choose a list and get to painting again soon! I will probably start with some Ellyrian Reavers since they tend to end up in all of my lists.

Gaming is not dead

My blog has been fairly silent recently since I haven’t been doing any tabletop hobby.

I have still been doing plenty of gaming, but I have been spending most of it playing video games. I find that it is much easier to fire them up than to get all of my stuff out to paint some models. With that being said, I am starting to feel the urge to get back to painting, so hopefully I will have some updates within the next month.

My oldest son and I have been playing quite a few board games. We have played Civilization (with the Fame and Fortune expansion), Lord of the Rings Risk, The Hobbit, 7 Wonders (with the Cities expansion). I also played Letter of Marque with all 3 of my kids a while back. Having a 2-year old “play” that game makes it a bit of a wild card.

Although I have planned to try and finish painting the list that I used earlier this year, I have been messing with lists once again. Maybe the next one will be the same, or maybe it will be different. Regardless, the hobby is stirring once again…